Welcome Rekord Textile

REKORD TEKSTIL was established in 1992 in Istanbul. Since it was founded, REKORD TEKSTIL has been among the biggest exporters of Turkey mostly concentrating on EAST BLOCK export business of denim and non-denim garments by it’s own brand. Since 3 years parallel to the worldwide economical developments , Rekord Tekstil has started being an exporter o denim and non denim garments to the European Countries.. It is a medium- sized manufacturer with a strength of preparing collections and tailor –made models upon each client’s request.

Rekord Tekstil produces especially denim, and also woven garment in CANVAS ,CORDUROY , TWILL , and SATIN and TENCEL and all other blended fabrics. Its product range mostly consists of fashion pants, shorts, skirts and jackets for ladies, mens and kids.